Turkey and chicken Roast recipes

 Turkey and chicken Roast recipes

This article explains recipe and methods of preparation of  various chicken and turkey roasts in easy way. These can also be a great choice for Thanksgiving. 

1. Roast Turkey

Recipe for 4 portion

For chestnut stuffing

Chestnuts                 200 gram

Sausage meat          600 gram

Chopped onion       50 gram

For parsley and thyme stuffing

Chopped onion       50 gram

Butter or oil            120 gram

Salt, pepper              TT

Breadcrumb            As required

Thyme                      As required

Parsley                     As required

Turkey                       4 kg

Brown stock           300 ml

Methods of Preparation -

1. For chestnut stuffing 

  • Slit the chestnut on both side with small knife and boil it for 5-7 minutes
  • Remove outer and inner skin when it is warm
  • Cook it in stock for 5 minutes
  • After it become cold, dice it and mix into sausage meat and cooked onion. 

2. For parsley and thyme stuffing

  • Cook onion in oil/butter without Colouring
  • Remove it from the heat and add seasoning, breadcrumb, Herbs
  • Now, Truss the turkey after stuffing and season it with salt, pepper. 
  • Place the bird in roasting tray and coat with oil very properly ( you can use bread of mirepoix also)
  • Roast it in pre-heated oven at 180-185 °c
  • Allow to cook on both legs. Keep its breast upright and cook for 25 minutes.
  • Baste frequently and allow 15-20 minutes per 1/2 kg. 
  • Bake it till well cooked. 
For variation -

100 gram slices cut from boneless turkey  (turkey breast) can be lightly floured and gently Cooked in butter or oil. You can also pàne it and shallow fry in low heat. 

For cranberry sauce 

Cranberries           400 gram

Water                     100 ml

Sugar                      50 gram

Methods of Preparation :-

  • Simmer all ingredients in a covered pan untill soft
  • You can liquidise or sieved. 
Note: Do not prepare cranberry sauce in iron and aluminium pan and the thickest part of Turkey leg should show temperature of 77°c when meat thermometer is inserted. The portion of serving is high so just serve turkey with Cranberry sauce. 

2. Roast chicken with lemon and mustard

For 4 portion


Chicken          2 kg

Lemon            2 nos.

Olive oil         3 tbsp

Dijon mustard     2 tbsp

Salt, pepper     TT

Methods of preparation :

1. Place the chicken in a roasting tray. Pierce one of the lemons with a fork and place inside the kitchen ( stuff inside chicken).

2. Grate the zest of other lemon in grater and squeeze juice in bowl. 

3. Mix the zest and juice with olive oil and mustard. Season well with salt and pepper. Spread the lemon dressing all over the chicken and rub it properly.

4. Roast in oven at 200°c for 15 minutes and reduce the heat to 180°c and cook for further 20 minutes.cook further till well cooked

5. When cooked, remove from roasting tray and remove the lemon stuff inside. Carve and serve in bead of rösti potatoes. 

3. Corona Chicken 


Boil chicken, cut into slices or 2 cm dice 800g

Curry paste or curry powder    1 tbsp

Mayonnaise                                 250 ml

Fine chopped onion.                  50 gram

Fresh pineapple, 1 cm dice      100 g 

Methods of preparation :

1. Either mix the curry paste in the mayonnaise or sweat the onion in olive oil.

2. Add curry powder, sweat further 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool, add to the mayonnaise.

3. Add the pineapple to the chicken, bind with curried mayonnaise. Serve on fresh lettuce leaves. Garnish with fresh red pimento strips

4. Chicken a'la king 

For 4 portion,


Button mushroom        100 gram

Butter or oil.                   25 gram

Red pimento.                  50 gram

Cooked boiled chicken   400 gram

Sherry wine                     30 ml

Chicken velouté              125 ml

Cream or non-dairy cream  30 ml

Methods of preparation:

  • Wash peel and slice the mushrooms
  • Cook them without colour in butter
  • Discard the seeds of raw pimento and cut it into dice. Cook it with the mushrooms.
  • Cut chicken into small, neat slices
  • Add chicken to mushrooms and pimento
  • Drain the fat and add sherry
  • Add the velouté and bring to boil
  • Finish with cream and correct the seasoning.
  • Serve and garnish with strips of cooked pimento.
Note; I am not recommending liaison because beginner cook are not prepared to use it well. 

5. Grilled chicken 

For grill chicken preparation, remove the wishbone, cut of claws, place bird on back. Insert the knife on through its neck end and remove backbone and bones. 

Method of preparation :

  • Season the chicken with salt and pepper and prepare for grilling
  • Brush it with oil or melted butter and place on preheated greased grill bars or on a barbecue
  • Brush frequently with melted fat during cooking. Cook 15-20 minute for each sides.
  • Test if cooked by piercing drumstick with s skewer. There should be no sign of blood from leg. 
  • Serve garnish and serve with grilled mushrooms or tomatoes.
Note: the chicken is marinated 2-3 hours before grilling with oil, lemon juice, herbs, spices, ginger and garlic paste, salt and pepper. 

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