Why Time Management is Important For Hospitality Personnel

Why Time Management is Important For Hospitality Personnel?

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
                                                     - William Penn

Time is priceless. It is the one thing in life we cannot get back. Most of we are using Time worst. Are you hospitality personnel who finds it difficult to manage your time?  If you regularly find yourself having late night shifts, no-break or if you miss every day of your life, you may need to learn how to make better use of your time and find life.

As important as it is to hear that time management is important for all Hospitality personnel, including the owner of the property. you may be wondering why? In all honesty, there is an unlimited number of reasons why proper time management is important for Hospitality personnel. A few of those reasons are highlighted below for your convenience.

Learning how to properly manage your time will not only allow you to complete your projects, shift on time, but it will also allow you to stay better organized. This is great because time management and organization go hand in hand. When implementing a time management plan, you are likely to get all of your affairs, including your vehicle, desk, and locker in order. You are likely to miss lifeless. This allows you to easily find your hobbies, passion and have great work-life balance. Staying organized is key to staying focused and on task.

Another reason why it is important for all Hospitality personnel, like yourself, to learn how to properly manage your time is that it is a good lifelong lesson which you will find useful in all aspects of life. Do you honestly expect to be paid to sit around and surf the internet or socialize with friends or coworkers in the Hospitality Industry? Jobs that allow you to do so are none. That is why you need to learn how to effectively manage your time, as there are serious consequences for not doing so in the future. It will make your life hell causing unsatisfied. No amount of money is going to satisfy you if you are not good at time management skills.

From the standpoint of Hospitality personnel, proper time management can also make the job easier. You will see yourself enjoying the job. When you are able to devote a specific period to work, you can easily find time for other activities of life. The elimination of improper work-life balance will not only help to keep you happier and better on your feet, but it will also help to improve your happiness making you less prone to cardiovascular diseases and depression.

Speaking of better work-life balance, that is one of the biggest benefits to learning how to properly manage your time. One of the many ways that you can better manage your time is by creating a to-do list for yourself and by prioritizing. This should allow you to get all of your mise-en-place and preparation activities in the kitchen to be completed on time and with ease. This is also likely to translate into better food quality since you should not have to rush and you are in no hurry.

The elimination of stress is another one of the many benefits to having a time management plan in place if you are Hospitality personnel. It is no secret that Hospitality jobs can be stressful on their own.  After all, your performance may have an impact on your future promotions and your future career in an organization.  With that said, proper time management will allow you to get your job passionately done, eliminating many stressful and nail-biting situations. 

Now that you know just how important time management for Hospitality personnel, you may be curious as to how you can improve yours? There are several tools that you can use to your advantage, including to-do lists, day planners, alarm clocks, and computerized calendar programs. 

Eliminating distractions, such as drinking with friends or bad habits like gambling, smoking are another great way to make sure that you stay focused and on task.

If you find yourself easily distracted, missing important deadlines, or showing up to shift late, improving your time management may be a good idea. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize just how much trouble poor time management can cause them. Sometimes it can cost a job If you are regularly late for your job that meant you have no respect for your career!!

When it comes to expanding time management, many individuals are surprised by all of the options that they have. One of those options is using time management tools to your advantage. If this sounds like an approach that you would like to take, please continue reading on. Several helpful and successful time management tools that you can benefit from using are outlined below -

An alarm clock is a simple, yet effective time management tool that you can and should use. What is nice about alarm clocks, is that most of us already have them in our phones. Be sure to set your alarm clock to get up in the morning. Consider resetting it ten minutes before you must walk out to the door to work, set it for when you want to start preparing dinner, and so forth. Although we often associate alarm clocks with getting up in the morning, they can be used for so much more. We are using Alarm clock for fewer benefits.

A task list, also commonly referred to as a to-do list, is another time management tool that you can and should use to your advantage. What nice about task lists is that they are free, easy to do and found in every phone. If you don't have one, download it from Google play store or use a piece of paper and pencil. Outlining everything that you must do for the day is a great way to make sure that you stay focused and on task, If you must, keep separate lists for home and work. Don't mix your household activities and job activities.

Daily, weekly, and monthly planners are other time management tools that can be used. The type of planner that you will use will all depend on your personal preferences. With that said, many successful individuals prefer daily planners better, as they often leave more space to create a to-do list or at least a spot to write down important dates and times. If you do use a daily, weekly, or monthly planner, be sure to keep it with you at all times.

Calendar alert programs are other time management tools that come highly rated and recommended. Calendar alert programs are so much more than a traditional wall calendar. For the most part, these time management alert tools are found on computers and cell phones. What you will need to do is enter in an important date and time. When that date and time arrives, you should receive a message on your computer screen or cell phone screen. Text message and emails may also be sent. These types of programs are often used to remember birthdays, but they can be used on a wide range of other events, projects, and activities.

Finally, another method that you will want to consider using is that of a time management training seminar. One can learn it from internet videos too. These tools can certainly help you in building successful hospitality personnel through proper time management. Time management is a skill so, sooner or later you will learn it if you keep focused.

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