Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Between work and family obligations, many couples struggle to find time together. But finding time to enjoy your partner’s company is important, so why not have fun with it? Planning a romantic dinner might be easier than you think.

Whether it is a special occasion like Valentines Day or a Birthday, or you just want to dazzle a new love with your culinary genius there comes a time in every relationship when nothing will do but to cook your sweetheart a romantic dinner. By careful advance planning you can come up with some great romantic dinner ideas that will make your evening most memorable and special.

A Romantic Dinner!! Spring and aliveness to enjoy another day - what a blessing!

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

If you are busy with life, stop and think. As long as we are alive and healthy, we can dream and have romantic notions. romance is not just for the young generations... It's a wonderful feeling that everyone deserves to experience! Make it happen, plan it - don't leave it to chance.

Ordering a pizza from pizza hut or take-out for an evening in front of the TV just won't do, you can explore recipes for romance that will leave your partner wanting more. 

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Your romantic dinner ideas need not be expensive but they should be in line with your partner's taste. If your partner hates fish this isn't the time to try out your best recipe for broiled tuna. If you do not know favorite foods take the time to find out. The time you spend to make the evening about your partner makes it all the more exciting for you both.

You can make a picnic in your living room or out on the balcony if that is to your taste. If your partner likes the beach, you can create the beach in your house in the middle of January and make it a beach party theme. 

Remember, romantic dinner ideas should be geared not necessarily as a way to impress your date as expressing your true feelings. Besides, romance is supposed to be fun, even if you have been married for 15 years.

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Just make sure the kids are at the grandparents for the night. Candlelight and soft music is standard romance and you can't go wrong with the classics of 80's and 90's. Whatever you decide is on the menu, make sure that it is attractive. The menu should be something that your partner loves but doesn't get every day. It needn't to be expensive.

If you are a great chef you are ahead of the game, but even if your culinary expertise consists of pasta, cheese or dal-bhat-tarkari, presentation is everything. If you took the time to make it special your partner will appreciate it. Remember, everything is better with wine or beer. Music will go far to set the mood. Nothing is more romantic than a sexy slow dance. You can include :-


Anything with cheese is a good appetizer. Small helpings of seafoods like shrimps are recommended in western countries. It actually just boils down to the presentation of the food. You can make easy restaurant menu food items in home as Appetizer.


There are hundreds of salad recipes you can choose from. Try not to be overly experimental with your salads and go with the norms like green salads, mixed vegetables and the like. It would look nice if you can place your salads in "fruit" plates like the outer layer of avocados, papayas or coconuts. They are easily available in Nepal.

Main Entrée

You can cook something new for your main dish. You can turn the usual chicken and pasta into something special by adding a different sauce or spice. Observe what your date usually get when you dine out and try to prepare his or her favorite restaurant dish. if you have no idea then prepare dal-bhat-tarkari with a little variety.


Strawberries and cherries topped with chocolate chunks is a good idea for a dessert. You can also bake simple cookies or cakes if you are pastry genius or master baker. If you are a master baker then by all means break out the black forest cake. However, after a satisfying meal it may be best to keep it light.

These days when people are way too rushed with jobs, kids and everything else, it isn't always easy to plan a special evening in. However, with a little planning and some imagination, romantic dinner ideas can be a wonderful way to get the sparks flying in a new romance or ignite new passion in a long time love. One thing is for certain, you will be cleaning up with a great big smile that you just cannot seem to wipe off your face.

Tips to Arrange a Romantic Dinner For Two

Here are some tips for couples looking to plan a special dinner with their partner:

1. Arrange “alone” time. If you have kids, see if they can spend the night at a friend’s or relative’s home. If not, hire a sitter to entertain your children outside of the home.

2. If the dinner’s a surprise, make sure that your partner isn’t going to be busy with other plans. If you want to let your partner know about your plans, leave an invitation on his or her pillow.

3. Set the scene. Make sure that your home looks romantic when your partner arrives. Candles and roses let your partner know that you have arranged something special. Set the table with china, lovely stemware and your favourite linens.

4. Choose a delicious wine. Conversation over a wonderful wine is one of life’s simplest pleasures, so indulge in something light and refreshing. Better yet, dry rosés work with most food pairings, whether you’re planning an all-chocolate menu, ethnic food or your partner’s favourite dish.

5. When it comes to food, play it safe. If you’ve never rolled your own gnocchi before, now is not the time to give pasta-making a try. Choose a recipe that you know well, or order carry-out from a favourite restaurant. If you do order food, transfer it to attractive dishes before serving. Don’t forget appetizers. Go to a local cheese shop for help putting together an elegant cheese plate that pairs with your wine.

6. Dress up. A cous cous with spicy vegetables looks much less elegant if you’re wearing a ratty T-shirt and worn jeans. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable, but do put some effort into your appearance.

A festive bottle of wine, a pretty table and a few hours alone together can make any simple dinner romantic. The secret is... simplicity... and here is why...Keeping things simple will eliminate stress and the evening will flow nicely.

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