Preventing and Understanding Modern Covid in brief

Preventing and Understanding Modern Covid in brief

The current wave of the Covid pandemic have been fuelled by U.K Variant. Also known by B.1.1.7, this variant is common form of infection throughout the globe and This strain is so powerful that youngsters population are even more prone of risk. 

It is estimated that British Variant is 60% more transmissible. Discovered in September 20, 2020, The infection rate has also been found high among school children in big cities. 

They spread more quickly and are more easily transferable which has further increased number of cases throughout the world. The more severe symptoms are putting people health on edge of blade. This virus is believed to undergone numerous genetical change.

A virus makes copies of itself, during the process it change a little bit. A virus with new mutations is referred as variant. People are battling with ever expanding list of symptom against these variants. 

However, the common symptoms include fever, cough, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, shortness/difficult in breathing, diarrhoea and chest pain. The most common symptoms seen among people were,

  • Fever 99%
  • Fatigue 70%
  • Cough 59%
  • Lack of appetite 40%
  • Body aches 35%
  • Shortness of breath 31%

Pre-cautionary measure are best way to tackle rather than vaccination.

Pre-cautionary measures

  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Keep your house and hand clean
  • Avoid unnecessary visits and public transportation
  • Keep yourself away from the crowd and public places as possible
  • Exercise and make yourself hydrated.
  • Take counter-medicines against mild illness immediately
  • Get healthy food(focus on more protein)
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and tobacco
  • Practice social distancing
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Quarantine and isolate yourself if any doubt
  • Monitor your symptoms.

Strokes have also been reported in some people who have COVID. Remember FAST:

Face. Is one side of the person’s face numb or drooping? 

Arms. Is one arm weak or numb? If they try to raise both arms, does one arm sag?

Speech. Can they speak clearly? Ask them to repeat a sentence.

Time. Every minute counts when someone shows signs of a stroke. Seek medical help immediately. 

It may not appear to be more deadly once the body start producing antibodies against it. But it will take some time.Virus change through mutations. We should be prepared for new variants over time. 

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