Use of Salt and Sugar In Culinary world

Use of Salt and Sugar In Culinary world

We have been using salt and sugar from the ancient time. They bring out flavour of other ingredients. Too much of them can also spoil the dish. 

Salt is available in three forms, Table salt, celery salt and coarse salt. Celery salt is simply blend of celery root and ordinary salt. Table salt is the salt which we used in home. Similarly, coarse salt is used for culinary purpose. 

Why do we use salt?

First of all, salt give flavour to the Dish. Iodine salt prevent us from goiter. It also improves the flavour of any dish. Secondly, when vegetables are blanched in salt water, it help to retain the green colour and also makes insect to come out. Moreover, strengthen gluten. Salt also control the fermentation process and known one of the oldest popular method of preserving ham and bacon. 


sugar is used for sweetening purposes. It is also available in different forms like granulated, powdered and fine-grained. 

Why do we use sugar?

It gives us energy. Similarly, it is the food for yeast. By consuming sugar, yeast produces carbon dioxide gas. Thus, fermentation is also aided by sugar in brewing and winemaking. Sugar also has ability to crystallise, which gives variety in cookery. Moreover, sugar is known for providing golden brown colour in various pastry items. 

Chef note: we use yeast while making bread and baking powder while making cake. This is because we need higher temperature while baking cake. As yeast is killed in 127 degree Fahrenheit, which is lower temperature. it cannot work in high temperature so, yeast is not suitable for Baking cake. 

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