Food And Insomnia Prevention

Insomnia has been defined as the condition that is characterised by unwanted wakefulness. It is affecting more than 60% population on earth and its effects can be both disorienting/dangerous. Even, I am insomniac! To keep sleeplessness in check, you need to observe a dietary requirements. The following foods are chosen for their ability to not only reduce your possibilities of having a restless night, but also to give you the comfort your body needs to go into sleep. I have split them into beverages, general types and snacks.

1. Beverages

What is important is to note that it is difficult to find naturally occurring fluids with the full components required for the comfort. If it was still possible, we would still be confronted with the problem of how to take it in the right concentration. Following beverages may help you to get proper sleep and rid all of your fatigue so you may start tomorrow brightly.

  • Milk with nutmeg:

You can have milk heated and add a little nutmeg powder that is fresh and ground. Too much nutmeg is known to cause dizziness and illusions since it is toxic. You should be careful with how much nutmeg you put in so you don't replace insomnia with another source of distress. you can sweeten the drink with a honey to taste. Also, you can add nutmeg and mace in spices boxes and use accordingly.

  • Lemon with brandy:

Have two thirds of a cup full of juice made of fresh lemon. Add a spoonful of brandy, honey and a stick of cinnamon. Similarly, A full mug of water just from boiling should be poured in and your drink is ready.

  • Apricot in orange:

Simmer a mixture of fresh orange juice, two spoonfuls of apricot jam and one teaspoonful of nutmeg. When the mixture has boiled, beat it and add grand manier (2 table spoonfuls). Strain it and drink.

2. General types

  • Since vitamin B is able to support your nervous system, foods rich in it are encouraged. Specifically, take vegetables and nuts as well as dairy foods.
  • Broccoli, seaweeds, nettle and kelp are among the foods that are known to be rich in calcium. They produce serotonins which in effect combat insomnia.

The particular amino acid responsible for developing serotonin is available in tuna fish and beans. It is also found in barley and milk products.

3. Snacks:

If your sleep time is here, and you have not fed, hunger can cause you as much sleeplessness as overfeeding. To avoid insomnia, take light snacks such as try sandwich made with turkey or avocado. Bananas are also good for this or you can equally have oatmeal porridge. A hot beverage made with milk would also work.

Eat consciously since sleep is as important as wakefulness in every sense of that statement.

Also, apart from food(dietary regulations), Insomnia prevention and other sleep inducing tips are very important for you to institute so that you can best get a good night's sleep if you are one of the millions of me suffering from insomnia. I am sharing some tips with you.

  • One of the first things you must do when trying to prevent insomnia is to work aggressively to improve your sleep habits. You can perform physical fitness activities or hit Jym regularly.
  • Also, self hypnosis, relaxation breathing, and biofeedback are often helpful options that can lead you to relaxation and a more restful sleep.
  • Furthermore, Establish a set bedtime routine. Regardless of whether it is the weekend or the work day, get up at the same time and go to bed at the same time. This helps your body to set a more scheduled internal clock (hypothalamus)which will enhance your ability to sleep better more consistently.
  • Control your environment by getting rid of the excessive light pushing through the windows, eliminate irritating bedroom noises, and rid yourself of uncomfortable room temperatures.
  • Remember the bed should only be used for sex and for sleep, absolutely nothing else. Avoid using the bed to watch television or to read. These activities should be conducted in a chair or on the couch, but avoid doing these in the bedroom. Your bed is for sleep.
  • If you don't fall asleep within 30 minutes of lying down, get up out of bed. Try a relaxing activity such as listening to soothing music or even repeating your nighttime routine. You might also find that a nighttime snack is helpful for the prevention of insomnia. It might also be helpful if you avoid taking a nap during the day.

There are special situations that can cause insomnia that require some less common insomnia prevention tips. For example insomnia from jet lag and can be particularly irritating. In this case, insomnia prevention can be helpful if you intentionally began to alter your bedtime to coincide with the time schedule of your predetermined destination.

Moreover, It is important to establish good sleep habits with a regularly scheduled time to go to bed and a regularly timed schedule to get up. Many people find it is also helpful to keep this same schedule even on their days off.

Remember the prevention of insomnia is your goal here. You often have to find which combination of suggestions work best for you. Don't get discouraged if you have to try more than one suggestion. That is not uncommon.

After all it really doesn't matter what combination of insomnia prevention tips works for you, what really matters is that something works. Happy sleeping!!

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