How I Created EasyHotelManagement?

 How I Created EasyHotelManagement?

Well, recent week I got a mail from one of my followers asking to tell me my tale of blogging and how I created EasyHotelManagement. I just wanna say one thing, easyhotelmanagement is neither a work of one day, nor a simply work of months. In fact it is, refined worked of year's of dedication and tough endeavor.

It all beginned two year back, however, the majority of work was started in the first wave of covid lockdown, I started out writing in my compartment, a dark, hot room! I just wanted to write about my primary interests (hospitality and hotel management) and ratify my time but the site started growing quite promptly. After 1 month I was getting over 100 visitors per day.

Originally I created EasyHotelManagement for Sharing my knowledge, perception on a particular topic for complimentary without any cost, which was 'Hospitality and Hotel Management' so, this site is named "HOSPITALITY AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT IN BRIEF"

The first month I used AdSense on my website, I made around 10 ($)dollars, which was enough to get me excited. That is when I decided to focus more and start working up to 14/16 hours a day! Yeah, you heard it right, I was working for 14-16 hours a day to create more volumes and more articles.

My schedule was like waking up at 2 p.m, having lunch, work, work, work on the website and sleeping at 4/5 a.m in the morning. This was my regular schedule for 5 months. I used to work this long hours on my mobile phone as mobile is my office and I prefer it over laptops.

At that time, I have no idea about keywords, backlinks, SEO, webmaster tools, Niche e.t.c There were also a lot of steps that were overwhelming like:

The very first problem that beginners face when they start blogging is not knowing how to create a website or how to make a blog. Many get stuck before they even get started, and with the high price of web designers, not everybody can afford them. So, many give up before they even get started. I also faced the same problem when website designers asked for a hefty price and at one point, my idea was in a vain.

Being a non-commercial website that solely relies on AdSense for revenue, investment was not an option. So, I started seeking alternatives and discovered one in the vast world of the internet. Eventually, I created my website myself for 15 $.

The best idea to create a website for the first time is to make it yourself. For this, you need to learn the essentials of how a website is designed, as well as, how it operates, the theme. Some basic HTML skills will both save your money and time both.

You can also get help from many video tutorials, which can provide you with step-by-step guidance for creating your website. I did the same i.e I created my website from tutorials videos. Though it was hard, ultimately I learned.

With aim of bringing learning to people instead of people to learning, my efforts were slowly gaining success. I have created a non-commercial website for hoteliers, tutors, pupils all around the globe with over 1000 contents related to food production, Housekeeping, Food and beverage service, Front office department, Easy recipes, Hotel Management articles. As of today, easyhotelmanagement have over the tenth part of million views with monthly visitors of around 20,000.

One should completely eradicate the mentality of competing with others. You should compete with yourself to gain more knowledge, to increase your efficiency. The same goes for easyhotelmanagement. I was not competing with my counterparts who were making a minimum of 500 $ a month. Instead, I was focusing more on my contents which cover grade 11, 12 and Bachelor in Hotel management, culinary arts, hospitality management syllabus and now it covers everything!

The soft copy of easyhotelmanagement- "Hospitality and Hotel Managementnagement in brief" a book is also ready. However, due to inadequate budgeting, the publishing has been delayed. Maybe within 5 years, this book will be published and reached everyone hand so that they can have a decent time during learning. 

 I have a hope, easyhotelmanagement will be successful one day, the pending book published very soon and this be one of the story of success!!

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