The easiest Way to Make Chicken Choila

The easiest Way to Make Chicken Choila

In this article, I am going to explain the easiest way to make chicken Choila in Home. Choila is a Newari dish from Nepal and is a very popular dish. The primary meat used in Choila is buffalo however, we are making choila today with chicken.

Ingredients and quantity

Chicken with bone/boneless.       250 gram

Cumin seed                                 30 gram

Tomato                                                1 nos.

Coriander leaf                                    few

Salt                                                         TT

Chilli flakes                                     5 gram

Sichuan pepper (Timur)             5 gram

Ginger garlic paste                      5 gram

Roasted mustard oil/ bhuteko   15 ml  mustard oil

Lemon juice                                        5 ml

Garlic leaves/ garlic chives               few

Methods of preparation:

  •  Chop the coriander leaf and garlic leaf.
  • Boil chicken pieces with bone and tomato together.
  • Skew the boiled chicken and tomato into skewer and cook in open flame of gas for few minutes.
  • Roast the cumin seeds/jeera and blend it in a food blender
  • Take a bowl, add blended roasted cumin powder, chilli flakes, garlic leaves, Sichuan pepper, Tomato, salt , chicken and GG paste. Add roasted mustard oil and mix it properly with hand. 
  • Garnish by adding coriander leaf. 

Chef notes: Bhuteko mustard oil is available in supermarket stores and if you don't found it just heat mustard oil with methi ( fenugreek seed) till smoking point. Your Choila will be more tasty if you use with bone meat rather than boneless and if you are using boneless meat, just saute or pan fry meat till golden brown. Adding few msg can enhance your taste. Moreover, you can substitute chicken with duck or any other ingredients.Happy dining!

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