The Science of Building Right Kitchen

The Science of Building Right Kitchen

Today, most of us have closed kitchens. Hence, it is essential to create a vastu friendly kitchen that fulfils the requirement for a place that takes care of our physical, emotional and biological needs. I have researched about some basic kitchen vastu and posted in this article.

Science for kitchen- Where should be the kitchen in the house?

The kitchen should, ideally, be located between the southern and eastern directions, i.e. in the southeast direction of the plot. Kitchens situated in the northeastern direction may result in heavy losses for the family. Similarly, kitchens in the southwest could give rise to clashes within the family, whereas a kitchen in the northwest may result in an increase in expenditure.

What lighting should be used?

Good lighting is an essential prerequisite for a kitchen. To ensure proper ventilation and a positive vaastu environment, the kitchen's windows should be positioned in the eastern direction. Artificial lighting should also be sufficient.

How the Kitchen door should be -

The best place for the kitchen door is in the north. Take care that while preparing food, the cook does not have his or her back towards a door.

Colours in Kitchen-

Kitchens should be decorated in warm colours such as oranges, browns and yellows. Avoid using blue as it is identified with water. Shades of green can be used as a remedy for improving the vaastu of wrongly placed kitchens.

Gas Stove Placement-

The gas stove should be in southeast corner of the kitchen area. This direction is called Agneya Disha, named after Agni, the Hindu god of fire who resides here. This disha (direction) has a natural source of fire as solar heat is at its maximum when the sun is in the southern direction. When the sun reaches the southeast, it releases vitamins D and F in the atmosphere. The value of these vitamins in the kitchen is immeasurable.

While preparing the food, the cook should face the east or the south. Facing the north or the west while cooking is not favourable.

Water Source-

Since the element of water is the opposite of fire, great care should be taken about it's positioning. All the water arrangements should be placed in the north or the northeast, as this is considered very auspicious. Also ensure that all water elements are situated to the left of the gas stove. The placement should be such that when you use the gas stove for cooking, water utilities such as washbasins, sinks, and drinking water are on your left. Also, avoid placing a refrigerator in the kitchen, as the elements of water and fire clash with each other.

Grains and Raw foods-

Store all heavy grains and raw foods in the south and west directions of the kitchen. Hence, all kitchen cupboards should be built and placed near walls in the southwest direction. The grains are very heavy and the north and east directions does not allow the weight on them. The other logic is keeping the things in south and western directions make them heavy and in turn it is good if southwestern wall are heavy. Keeping the goods in southwestern walls make the eatables a good millage to consume.


All heat-generating kitchen equipment, such as microwaves, hot cases, hotplates, geysers, mixer grinders etc. should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. All these appliances are electrical energy which is fire. These appliances release heat energies which are only to be released in the southeast direction, since it is a fire element direction. This direction is owned by the lord Agnidev of Hinduism.

The kitchen's northern and eastern corners should be kept free of clutter and not blocked with heavy materials or equipments. Moreover, try not to keep pictures of gods and goddesses in the kitchen.

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