Advertise on website And Advertisement on Nepali Blog

Advertise on website And Advertisement on Nepali Blog

Have you thought about how to really profit your business from advertising on blog? Well, Online Ads are growing in popularity as a means of communicating with targeted audiences. As the business and marketing continues to evolve, this trend has touched every countries on planet with online advertising campaigns.

It is an effective marketing technique that uses World Wide Web as a mode to attract more number of customers. It is the most cost effective mode to market your products and services. you can use different marketing modes to market your products on a large scale like paid articles/post/web banner/image of various size e.t.c

However, Picking the best online advertising space or blog is only the beginning of a promising marketing campaign over the internet. With so many people accessing the internet daily, you get worldwide audience and a great number of traffic viewing your business. Online advertising has become a trend so there's no reason for you to say no to it. go ahead and pick your ideal advertising space today.

Need a blog and want to promote your business? This blog offers it! With growing rate over 30% every year, and free contents related to hospitality and hotel management, this blog is accessed by over 10000 hotel management pupils and instructors every month. Also, The average visitors stays on this site for more than four minutes. With Google AdSense verification, this blog is also trusted, safe and easy to Assess.

 Following are the rates to advertise on easyhotelmanagement for both domestic and international business firm or individual, per year. These payments are to be made on advance by esewa/bank deposit or remitly.

1. Promotional article and posts : 20 dollars or NPR 2000.

2. Website banner/ image with link and advertising : 100 dollar a year.

3. Guest writing: 20 dollars per article.

4. Full banner and monthly articles(12 + 1 bonus) : 150 dollars a year.  

You can choose your image/banner of various size for your business. This campaign can be fruitful for hotels, restaurants, Resorts, school, Hospitality colleges, Hospitality products and Travel agency. You can mail me directly at or check out at about me and contact.

Why campaign in Easyhotelmanagement is cheap?

We first need to make a distinction between people who blogs for fun and the ones who blogs for marketing or money making, the people who have it as a business.

I enjoy writing and I write for fun. Earning from blog is not my primary target. Maybe i will make some money and monetizing my great traffic as I provide something to the community, of course I deserve to get something back. So i run those advertisement and campaign. You can mail me for further queries and save thousands of buck. 

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