Is Hotel Management Worth Doing?

Is Hotel Management Worth Doing?

First of all, Hotel is a place where a bona fide traveller can receive food and shelter, provided he is position to pay for and is in fit condition to be received. Secondly, Management is an art of getting things done through others by using managerial functions and utilizing resources. Hotel + Management = Hotel Management. I.e art of managing a hotel in a professional way. 

People are dynamic beings. They are always on the move Whether, they travel on land, water, or air, at some point of their journey they will have to make a stopover. As such, people will have to stay in places where they feel welcome and "home away from home". Thus, hospitality will always be in demand.

Hotels exist because people are dynamic and yearn for comfort in their travels. This why hotel jobs are not simply jobs, but a profession.

Hotel management jobs are professions that are worth your time and attention. In fact, for most people who have not yet decided on the career path to take, hotel management is a very good option. Like any other profession, hotel management requires dedication, perseverance, and most of all, commitment. If you think you have all these, hotel management might be the perfect direction for you. Here are some reasons why it is an option to study hotel management:

1.It is a profession

This is a profession which provides a lot of promise and options. When you do consider studying to become a hotel manager, you are headed toward a bright future. Like other professions, it provides many opportunities and career paths. It is also going to teach you several extra skills for your life like Time management, punctuality, discipline, honesty, socialization e.t.c.

2.It encourages creativity

Since the scope of this role is not limited to managing alone, there can be a lot of opportunities for you to show creativeness. Creativity can be shown in meal/dish preparation, room arrangement, guest entertainment, and marketing presentations. 

3.It gives you the opportunity to meet people and is never boring

With this profession, you practically meet new people every day. This is one of the few professions which allow you to make daily acquaintances. Thus if you are a people-person, then this role is the perfect choice for you.

4.It provides great career opportunities

Hospitality jobs will always be around in any part of the world. A number of job vacancies are always available for hotel management positions. Your life is full of career in any part of the world- from Asia-africa-america-europe. 

5.It offers enticing rewards

Candidates looking to fill this role can expect to earn a lot compared to other positions. Compensation packages do not only offer considerable amounts, but awesome benefits and privileges as well.

6.It is affordable

A hotel management course is more affordable compared to other promising professions. Moreover, studying hotel management shortens your stay in school giving you more time to be on actual jobs as there are internship opportunities available. 

7.It does not take a lot of time

You can finish this course in approximately four years saving you a lot of your time spent in school. Out of four, one year is internship. 

8.It instills responsibility

This profession instills responsibility in a person which is required for a people-job.

9.It is fun

This is probably one of the few professions that provide fun and excitement while working. It is always fun. You will have some uncountable m memories. 

10.It is varied

There are a lot of other useful skills that you can learn from studying the hotel industry, making you multi-skilled too.

My Advice To Be a Successful Hotel Manager

It's important not to let your sense of self-importance/attitude swell once you become a hotel manager. You need to have a normal sized ego, you should be adaptable to new techniques and see each day as a learning experience. 

No one were born will all talents so, you must appreciate creativity from your subordinate and learn from them too. As far as what it takes to succeed, to become a good hotel manager- you must be a people person. the technical side is important, but this is a people business as you serve people, you manage people, you listen to people, you solve people's problems, you try to attract more people to your hotels. It is not a rocket science - it's all about people and getting along with them!

So you may be wondering how does a college education come in to, to become a hotel manager? The answer is simpler; Education provides change, To be Educated meant to get civilized! college is necessary for the business side and some of the understanding of basic fundamentals- basic introduction, norms branding and the like, departments, functions, duties and Responsibilities.... 

However, a degree won't mean much if you don't make an effort to understand the people. You should be able to understand People. you'll be in charge of People once you become a hotel manager in the hotel industry. If you've never made up a hotel bed or cleaned a room, carried the tray, there will be a huge gap between you and the people who do. And this will affect your ability to properly manage them.

So, if you aspire to become a hotel manager, take my advice - study hard, prefer to top the grade each time. Don't forget where you came from once you get there, and never disregard the importance of the people working under you - and only you'll be on your way to success!! Happy working!!

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