Star Hotel Rating Classification And What To Expect From Star Hotels?

Star Hotel Rating Classification And What To Expect From Star Hotels?

Hotels are of various types and have many different ratings. Often, these ratings confuse many people. Many organizations/ tourism boards have their own way of rating. On the international level, there is no such thing as standardized ratings. If you look closely, then you will see that sometimes, the ratings vary from one to five. So, Mainly, there are five types of ratings. Recently the seven star rating is taken into consideration, which provides very very superior amenities (gold/gold plated).

Real luxury hotels are always rated with five stars. There is one rare luxury hotel that bills itself as a seven star hotel because the experience the hotel provides is so far above the norm even for five star hotels.

Hotels provide all kinds of facilities to their guests with exceptional importance to the hospitality factor. These luxury hotels are ranked from one star to five star statuses based on the facilities provided. The higher the ranking, the greater is the price and amenities covered. Almost all hotels offer good accommodation, variety of food, beverage in addition to pool, spa, and other facilities.

You have to understand that Five star hotels are a world of perfect luxury, elegance, Beautiful rooms, royal services, exquisitely dining service. These factors will clearly distinguish a five star property to make your experience truly memorable.

1. Accommodation

 A luxury suite or even a simple room, five star properties are elegantly designed with all the comforts such as a luxurious bathroom, comfortable furnishings and the latest in gadgets such as TV, communication, state-of-the-art amenities.

2. Service 

It is another all-important factor. Day-and-night service like laundry, dry cleaning, newspaper, room service, Spa treatments, massage, relaxing treatments for body, hair treatments, sauna and Jacuzzi, Health Club, Beauty Salon, casino, Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts are all available for resulting in an all round memorable experience.

3. Food 

It is one factor that can make the reputation of a hotel. A five star hotel have specialized and multi-cuisine restaurants, pastry shop, a bar and a twenty-four hour coffee shop. Cuisine should include the local variety as well as specialized cuisine such as Chinese, continental, Italian, Thai, etc.

4. For a business travellers, besides the above mentioned luxuries, the establishment should also fulfill his business needs. All the essential communication equipments like multiple phone lines, fax, PC, and internet services should be available all the time. There should be a business centre. The hotel should also have good transport services to business travelers to airports or any parts.

Moreover, Meeting and conference facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms with full audio & video conferencing facilities is crucial for attracting good business. A five star hotel should be practical as well as luxurious. 

The hotel star rating system is internationally recognised as the hotels overall quality. However, certain countries may regard a 2 star hotel as a 3 star and vice versa.

I will provide some basic guide of what to expect from hotels that are rated:

One star hotel : They are small and independent i.e they are not chain affiliated there may be limited range of facilities and limited menu is served. Comfort , cleanliness should be off acceptable standard.

Two - star hotel : They are small to medium and offered more facilities than one star hotels. Guest can expect cleanliness, comfortable and well equipped overnight accommodation. Wide range of cuisine are served than one star hotel

Three - star hotel : They offered high quality facilities and services . All bedrooms have en suite bathroom and dryer , telephone, comfort and more Equipments than lower star hotel. 

Four - star hotel : Expectation at this level include a degree of luxury as well as quality in the furnishing, decoration and Equipment. There will well designed room with great furnishing and decoration. The bathroom will have both hot and cold water provision, room service 24 hour , laundry and dry cleaning services. Various cuisines are offered and menu is quite large. Moreover, Four Star accommodations offer a very high quality of service, and will have modern facilities, these hotels are commonly located in downtown areas of cities and close to major attractions. The food at a four star hotel will usually be provided through an adjoining, high rated, restaurants and bars that serve gourmet food. The service received will make their guests stay as comfortable as possible, through internet access for business travelers and access to a concierge. Special care is taken in the design of a four-star hotel. That includes an elaborate lobby, upscale furniture and stylish accoutrements in each room.

Five - star hotel : They offer luxury accommodation of international standard. The decoration, furnishing is very high , comfortable and elegance . The service is also formal and well supervised. Guest needed are given very priority. Staff will also be knowledgeable, helpful . A five star hotel should have minimum 25 room and bath tub, sockets for electric shavers , 24 hour hot and cold water supply, coffee shop, swimming pools, fire fighting arrangements , telephone, laundry, conference services , health club , central air conditioned room e.t.c.

Moreover, Things like shampoos, conditioner, soap bars, towels, shower caps, dental kits, sewing kit, body lotion, linens, slippers, etc are available to serve their guests. Some five-star hotels also customize things like luggage racks, bedspreads, pillows, furniture, paper coasters, pens, diary, and other hotel supplies to create customer positive impression and give them all required comfort.

So you may see, there is only a small difference between the two types of accommodations, 4 star will offer you a very comfortable stay with most of your needs catered for. If you choose to stay in a 5 star hotel, you can expect the very best in every form. From the service from the staff to the facilities and the decor of the accommodation, and most certainly the best food available.

So, Being a guest, What to look in a hotel?

Apart from star rating classification, Make sure the hotel is in a good location and close to all amenities. Secondly, you should know that every hotel offers lots of packages. They have a large and different range of offers/plan. You should have some knowledge about room plans. For instance, hotels offered following room plan, 

1. European plan :

A guest is charged for the room only. European plan consists room rate only. All other expenses have to be paid based on consumption.

2. American plan :

It is full board plan. The plan includes all meal along with room rent. 

3. Continental plan :

It is bed and breakfast plan as it includes charges for continental breakfast along with room rent

4. Modified American plan :

This plan consists of charge for breakfast, lunch or dinner with room rent.

5. Bed and breakfast :

This plan consist of charge for room and English breakfast.

You need to choose the package according to your personal needs. This way, the hotel will try to fulfill your needs according to the purpose of your stay and according to the things you prefer. No matter the purpose of your staying, a reputable hotel will have the appropriate offer to make you feel "Home away from home".  Also, Look at the facilities provided by the hotel.

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