Investing on Yourself- Some Tips and My Guidelines

Investing on Yourself- Some Tips and My Guidelines

I want to attract your attention to your investments. But don't worry, I won't get into the money things. What I will be talking about today is investing in yourself. Broadly the major areas you can invest in yourself are your advanced personal development, your quality of life,your ability to earn more, Your ability to gain knowledge. 

Today, I just want to take some time out to let you know that I have not always been the man that I am today! My journey of life had a lot of ups and downs. I mean I can recall many nights where there were sleepless nights, Times when I had no clue of what I was doing.

As time went by, I started researching about how to invest in my life in every area: mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially. Once I began to start investing in myself, things began to change. Because I started valuing myself and stopped putting a price tag on my happiness, peace, love, and joy, I began to see things and perceive them in very different ways right before my eyes. 

When you invest in yourself you open yourself up to learning new things. You position yourself to be in the company of other people who know more than you, or who have been there and done that. So, if you have a Vision then invest in yourself, make the change in you and make yourself the better 'you'! So, now the question may arise, how to invest yourself?

The first thing I suggest is to develop a Reading habit. Studying is a good investment but if you want to make it a better investment don't just read the book. Try to learn something new each day because at the end of the year you would have learned 365 new things which can yield you in life in the long term. 

The second thing I suggest you to do is Travel and Expand Your Horizons. Here I don't mean getting on to a bus and going sightseeing, or buying a plane ticket to go abroad . It genuinely means to travel to a place outside your current surroundings or environment. For instance, if you reside in a little town or suburb, go visit the closest city in your area. Vice versa, if you live in the city, it's advisable to visit a small town or village If affordable and time permits, you should try and visit a different country every year. By doing so, one can better understand the lifestyle of others and in turn learn more about oneself.

The third thing I suggest you is have your bachelor degree/undergraduate degree by the early twenties. Work for 2 or 3 years. Do not look at money and work for a price tag. Just work in as many organizations in this time period and learn its structure, how it operates, its values and try to learn new things which may boost your learning for future. This will help you in preparing yourself for the future. I am saying this, because I have followed this same path after completing my undergraduate degree. After my BHM degree what I did was I taught various colleges and broadened my learning outcomes of undergraduate degree further. 

After this, what I suggest you do is Leave the job that you are doing and target for the future. What I mean is now the time has come for you to look after the future and secure it. Time to build your future and find the meaning of life! This phase is important as it can shape your future and can take your life in a new way. Try to pursue post graduate studies or master degree, attend as many training programs and seminars for further learning because only learning is your best investment, it will definitely pay you one day. Naturally, learning is not cheap and some seminars and courses can be quite expensive. However, if you consider this expense to be an investment in yourself you will soon realize how worthwhile this is to help you to live life to the full. Also, I suggest you go for LinkedIn learning and Alison Certificate and Diploma courses. You will definitely be learning new knowledge to gain your interpersonal skills, communication skills, time management, multi-tasking, discipline which directly can help you in building the better version of yourself, ultimately the better you!!

Moreover, you can also do these ideas to develop yourself

  • listen to more audio books and attend more learning sessions. 
  • go to the library and get inspired.
  • learn a new creative skill. 
  • Learn a new working skill on new topic. 
  • exercise more to improve my mental capabilities
  • train memory
  • Learn a new language. 
  • Listen to music
  • Practice culinary skills
  • Write a blog
Investing in yourself means your have acknowledged there is more to learn. It will also give you the Peace of mind.
Peace of mind is the greatest gift you can receive. Making bad choices, wrong decision will stress you out Which can bring heart attacks, high blood pressure, a lot of bad that you don't want. Having peace of mind, means happiness, freedom. And that is more valuable then any price on a tag. So start investing on yourself!!


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