kitchen brigade | position in kitchen brigade

An apprentice is a person who wishes to make his career in the professional kitchen as a chef . An apprentice joins organization at lowest level of kitchen and has no skill , experience. Only few apprentice becomes chef as apart from skill, experience, it requires passion.
                          After completing apprentice program one is employed as commis. Based on the need of organization commis is restricted to one area .there by, specialising in particular area . It was done on past but now labour is expensive and multi skilling has become first choice.
     The next level of promotion is demi Demi chef de partie i.e half chef de partie. He is supervised by chef de partie. With the promotion,another set of responsibilities is added along with cooking. It takes minimum 3 years depending on work ,skill , experience to become chef de partie from commis.

The next hierarchical grid is sous chef. He is leading a team of CDP, DCDP, COMMIS, apprentice . He reports to chef de cuisine  and is overall incharge of kitchen. A person would become excecutive sous chef in 10 years time and become executive chef in another 2/3 years.

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