Cutting Tools | Knives | Types of knives

Cutting tools refers mainly to knives made up of hard metal with sharp blade edge, tip and handle used for cutting food items in kitchen . Kitchen knives are designed in different shape and sizes .

Types of knives in Commercial kitchen :-

1. Palate knife  :- It is used for lifting and holding foods while cooking but not for cutting.

2. Peeler :- It is used to peel vegetable skin for food preparation

3. Boning knife :- It is used for de -skinning and to separate bone and flesh of animal 

4. Chopper / cleaver :- It is used to cut/ chop food ingredients into very small size.

5. Vegetable knife :- It is used to cut various vegetables and fruits in different shape

6. Paring knife :- It is used to cut vegetables and fruits into different shape for garnish. It is also known as garnishing knife .

7. Carving knife :-  It is used to carve i.e to cut prepared meat while serving to guest 

8. Steel :-  It is a knife sharpener made of metal to sharp blade of knife.

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