Home Away From Home | How to make guest feel Home Away From Home

The guestroom is the main product of the hotel as it contributes to more than 50 percent of total sales.  A room sold on a particular day earns revenue for that day and then it can be sold again and again timely. In addition to revenues , guestroom also have role in image building of the hotel.

Guest may stay in a hotel for pleasure, convenience or from necessity , whatever the reason for stay, they will always expect certain standard of service and comfort. It is essential for each hotel employee to understand importance of guestroom for a guest. It is extremely important to understand expectation of guest when he pays for a room to stay. People nowadays travel a lot than past and expectations from hotel are on rise . Continue analysis of guest expectations is necessary. Given that hotel is also referred as "Home Away from Home" as there would be similarities in guest expectation from hotel and from a home. Be should feel hotel too like his home.

These similarities will be dictate by hygiene , privacy, comfortnes ,  protection, neatness, cleanliness.

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