Dry Heat Medium | Roasting

Method of cooking food by dry heat medium refers to prepare various dishes using fat/oil in different styles. Food items are generally marinated with herbs, spices and other related ingredients which makes food very delicious 

1. Roasting :-

Roasting is cooking method that involves uses  dry heat , whether an open flame , oven or other heat source . Roasting cause browning of food and flavour is enhanced. Meats and most root and bulb vegetables are roasted . Roasted food are very tastier.

Types of Roasting :-

1. Spit Roasting :- In this method, food to be cooked are brought in direct contact with flame and turned regularly to ensure even cooking and browning. It is used in parties and suitable for first cut of meat 

  • If the meat is frozen, it should be thawed
  • Basting should be done regularly otherwise meat will dry out
  • Control speed of cooking by adjusting speed of rotation.

2. Pot Roasting :- In this method , the bottom of pan is greased properly to prevent meat from sticking then the pan is covered tightly with well fitting lid . 

  • Mirepoix and Bouquet garni should be put for flavouring in the pot
  • Item of meat should be of top and fresh quality
  • It is suitable for poultry and game 
  • The joint should be basted frequently 

3. Oven Roasting :- It is cooking in Roasting tray in an oven with help of fat. First class meat can be roasted and the meat is also trussed after stuffing ,if necessary . Trussing helps to retain taste. The meat is also basted frequently.. 

  • Meats should be at room temperature before roasting
  • Place poultry with breast side down 
  • Temperature of oven should be reduced to 170 degree Celsius from 230 degree after some time 
  • Food must be frequently basted
  • Use meat thermometer to ensure cooked properly
  • Suitable for first cut of meat

4. Tandoori Roasting :- It is method of traditional Indian cooking in tandoor . Tandoor is heated by wood , charcoal. Food items are marinated in yogurt ,herbs and spices and rest for sometime then cooked in Tandoor.

  • If tandoori oven is made of clay, enough wood or charcoal has to be filled.
  • Accompaniment and garnishes should be prepared to present the food.
  • Item can be cooked in various ways
  • All necessary equipment should be placed near 

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