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He was born in 8 June 1784 and a famous chef and book writer . He was born in very large and  poor family . He was put out on street at age of 10 . He was taken by a owner of low-class restaurant where he learned the rudiment of cookery . At 16 he become apprentice to Bailly of the rule Vivienne . Amazed by his willingness to learn Bailly encouraged him by allowing him to study print room of the national library where he copied architectural drawings and baaed his patisserie creations.

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 He is now seen as founder of "la grande cuisine" having established supremacy of French cooking in Europe for 200 years.  He abolished the presence of fish and meat at same plate . He  revolutionized away old style garnishes, instead he would use meat to garnish meat and fish to garnish fish.  He also classified French sauce into 4 group ,they remain known as today. His books include history of French cooking, menus, recipes . It was he who instituted double breasted kitchen jacket which is still worn today and head gear ; tall hat for chef and cap for cook. He thought white would be more appropriate for kitchen uniform.

 He died in 12  January 1833

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