Advance Reservation chart

Advance Reservation chart is a room reservation chart which is usually found on wall attached so it will be easier for Reservation assistant to check availability of room on certain date. It helps to know how long will those rooms be booked and also out of order rooms in hotel. 
Reservation chart are erasable and also available on paper sheets. Big hotels mainly uses three three types of Reservation chart for smooth Reservation operations :-

1. Conventional Booking chart :- 

It helps to record Reservation request for particular month with guest name. In this chart the room numbers are put on sequence but types of room are in random .A hotel may have Several room and to look for each room from top to bottom is really annoying and confusing which was it's disadvantage. Let me show example,

In this figure of conventional booking chart we are room number are serially arranged but room types are randomly assorted. The month is particular month used for Reservation of particular year. It shows guest name and how long will those rooms be reserved. The advantage is room status of whole month can be seen in a look. To use this chart efficiently Reservation are marked with pencil and if the Reservation is confirmed it is marked with pen. 

2. Density Booking chart :- 

It also helps to record the Reservation request for a particular month of year. It is development of conventional Booking chart in which the weakness is improved . Let's see the figure,

Here , types of room are assorted. We can see room types arranged in sequence . The room number may be in random but looking at room types it will be easier for us to process.  When it is reserved a cross is made in Reservation chart.

3. Reservation Register :-

It is a format used by the front office department, Reservation assistant, stating Name of guest, address , nationality, date of arrival, types of room, contact number , credit card number , company's name, special request , total number of nights and Reservation taken by. All the details of Reservation enquity is recorded usually by telephone.

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