Nobel Cuisine | Nouvelle Cuisine

Nouvelle cuisine is just a modification of Classic French cuisine. It stressed on fresh and lightness with clarity of flavour and dietary healthy diet by minimising use of starch, fat , sugar, salt. The Nobel Cuisine was influenced by Japanese style of food presentation. The plating was given more priority and traditional cooking was revolutionised. It was popularized in the 1960. 

The marked left by Escoffier and Antoine careme have very deep impact on French cuisine and it was very difficult for new chef to be creative and inventive. The French cuisine was in need of some change and creativity which Nobel Cuisine provided. The menu was featured with fresh and quality products and pickles , fermented food , cured game meat were avoided. The chef were inventive and creative. The main feature was plated dish which were plated and served directly from kitchen by waiter.

Similarly, this cuisine was greatly influenced by people feeding up with eating the same classical food everyday. Thus, it Ultimately revolutionized french cookery. 
  • Cooking time was greatly reduced by the use of latest equipment like microwave ovens, high pressure steamers, vaccum cooking and also using stir-frying, frying e.t.c
  • Variety of dishes in smaller portions were served in the menu
  • Presentation of the food was given a lot of importance. Great variety was given on presentation.
  • Similarly, sauces were also prepared without using thickening agents. Thus, sauces were usually thinner. 
  • Fresh food items were given maximum priority. 
  • Unusual flavours combination were prepared. 

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