Pot Still Distillation and Column still Distillation

Pot still is a type of apparatus used in distilling spirit . The fermented mashed of various fruits , cereals and plant is heated directly to the pot. The pot still apparatus is made of copper and distills batch by batch. The spirit produce have alcohol by volume less than spirit produced by column still Distillation. Similarly, they require Cleaning after each batch but produce more flavoursome liquid. They are not capable of higher production and the spirit obtained has to be distilled twice because the spirit obtained after first distillation has alcohol not more than 20%. The spirit obtained has higher impurities and we don't have control over heat. 

COLUMN STILL :- It is also called Coffey still or patent still or continuous still.  It can produce spirit with alcohol by volume higher than 95 %. The apparatus is made up of steel and have multi chambers column. They are capable of higher production and the spirit obtained is cleaner and pure as all impurities will be properly extracted . It is used in large production .

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