Veg Manchurian Gravy Recipe


                   INGREDIENTS REQUIRED

Cabbage , carrot , beans , onion , ginger and garlic , salt , black pepper , flour , cornflour , oil , capsicum, soya sauce , schezwan sauce , Tomato ketch up and Hot sauce 

                  METHODS OF PREPARATION 

  • In a bowl , add chopped cabbage , carrot, beans , onion  and ginger garlic paste . Add salt , black pepper and mix it properly by adding flour , cornflour.

  • Now , we will make it into ball shape and deep fry it in oil to cook till they are golden brown in colour

  • Take a pan , Heat oil , add chopped garlic and chopped chilly . 

  • Then , add medium square cut capsicum and onion dices and cook for further 2/3 minutes

  • Now , add schezwan sauce , soya sauce ,tomato ketchup and chilly sauce and cook further few minutes.

  • Add , back pepper , spring onion and add water . Boil it and thick the gravy by adding cornflour.

  • Add fried dumplings ball and cook further in gravy for 2 minutes.

Note- ( always add cornflour by - mixing it in a bowl with water and add it by stirring the mixture/gravy and while adding water mix it properly so no lumps are formed )

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