Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

 Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

I am not going to talk about making 500$ - 1000$. I will be talking about passive income that every Hospitality Personnel can earn from home by working for 1/2to 1 hours.

There are many websites we found on the internet that claim to make us rich but none of them is true. Earning money is very difficult and you are not going to be a millionaire in one single night.

You can earn some easy wealth simply by taking online surveys, watching videos, downloading the application or by following the information mentioned. Most of them provide simple online tasks. 

There are over 100 websites that pay you but for Nepal, the opportunities are limited due to which earnings are also limited.

There is money on the web but you need to have patience. I am going to show you, some passive income that every Hospitality employee can start as a side business. One can simply redeem the points earned for pay Pal, Amazon gift card and so on. 

The good thing about them is you don't need any competencies. Usually, you will be paid 5-10,000 Rupees. The online task is simple and is not going to burden your workload further. 

Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

I know Hospitality jobs are tough but starting passive income are going to increase your revenue. Moreover, our brain neurons grow when we learn something new so, learning something new also helps in brain development. The mentioned service provider is free of costs. 

1. Swagbuck:-

It is the largest and most reliable website that pays you a minimum of 1 rupee per survey. You can earn between 5000 - 20000 rupees in a year from this website. Some regular users from tier A countries can earn up to lakh. You will be paid when taking surveys, daily polls, watching videos, playing games. 1 Swagbucks point is worth of 1 rupee.

Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

You can redeem points for Amazon gift cards/PayPal when you earn a minimum of 500 Swagbuck points. It is a very trustworthy site with over 20 years of service. This website has paid 400 million dollars to its users till now. Join Swagbucks for free

2. Prizerebel:-

With over 15 years of service, Prizerebel has 80 lakh users. It is a very trustworthy website where one can play the lottery by earned points for more rewards. It also provides easy money and the minimum payout is 2 USD. So, reach 200 points and redeem your reward for 2$ Amazon gift card. You will also be paid through PayPal. It has distributed 17 million$ so far as a reward. Join prize rebel from here for free

One can simply earn 10 pounds upon registration from opinion panel community while one poll gives 5 pounds on registration. Opinion panel community and one poll are suitable for London and United States users. 

Earning From Home For Hospitality Personnel

3. Affiliate marketing:-

Image working the whole day, coming home tired, using your phone half an hour and earning 5000-10000 rupees easy money. Yes, you can earn more than that per day with zero investment. Affiliate marketing provides very high Commission rate. Simply, register your username and promote products in social media or the internet. Some affiliate need website or blog while others need nothing at all 

I recommend you Clickbank. Just visit their website, register, promote products. While promoting promote products that have high gravity list i.e products most users have sold. You don't need a website at all. There are more than 10 ways to earn from Clickbank. You can learn more from YouTube videos about Clickbank promotion. 

Amazon affiliation is also best if you have a website or a blog. You will be promoting their products on your website and earn a commission for every sells. Moreover, Amazon bounty program is more mouth-watering. You will earn 300 rupees per 1 user registration. Simply upon registration of 1 user! It is offering more than 10 bounty program and one successful registration can give you minimum 300 rupees. If you have 30 friends and recommend them to join, you will be earning 9000 rupees in a day. Check Amazon bounty reward for more information.

4. Freelancing:-

If you are good at something then why not to sell your talent on the internet? There are several apps and a website that offers freelance services. Just sell your services on the internet. Some best freelancing website is Upwork, freelancer, guru, people per hour. Just register, complete your profile, bid for your services and complete the project. You can work for 1 hour per day and earn 500-1000 rupees very easily. You can sell everything from writing to cookbooks, recipes, marketing, article writing. 

5. AGM affiliate and clothing Nepal affiliate:-

They are the affiliated program operating from Nepal.  AGM web hosting pays you 10 rupees per click i.e traffic driven by your website while clothing Nepal pays 5% Commission on sell. 

Many websites are not legit and never pay but these are some trusty sites that pay. You can make them a passive income source to earn some money.

You have to be very careful while selecting an online website/ network because of payment methods. It is very difficult to receive money(reward) from abroad due to government strict remittance policy and most famous international payments PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, bitcoin are considered illegal in Nepal. 

The listed sites are suitable for Nepali user. Most privileges are provided to Tier 1 countries. we are backward because we have limited opportunities but still we can earn.

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