Frequently Asked Top 20 Questions About HOSPITALITY

 Frequently Asked Top 20 Questions About HOSPITALITY

The FAQ section of this blog deals with every list of doubts about a particular topic that most people have. These questions were asked through a message by readers and top questions were selected among them. Most queries are answered in brief so, I recommend to hit search bar, Search and read full articles for more information. Some FAQ related to Hospitality were:-

1. What is Hospitality?

The literal meaning of Hospitality is looking after guest well which includes showing respect to the guest, providing their needs and good generous treatment. It is the process of making the guest feel "Home away From Home".

2. Where Hospitality came from?

Hospitality gradually evolved through human civilization. It started from the early people who used to travel for trade, exploration, education, religious purpose. Their needs while travelling created Hospitality industry.

3. Are Hospitality leisure-related?

The activities in Hospitality are linked with leisure, recreation & entertainment.  So, Hospitality is related to leisure.

4. When the Hospitality Industry will re-open?

The hospitality industry is the most hardly hit by the pandemic. It will take some time to open. Many are already opened by changing their Safety and hygiene protocols while some are still shut down to reduce operating costs. Mostly small to medium establishments are shut down. 

5. Where Hospitality student can work?

Hospitality students can work in many fields. They can work as guest relation executive in different business and various positions in the hotel and tourism industry. 

6. What Hospitality course is all about?

in brief, Hospitality course is all about making a guest "Home away from Home" by looking at their needs very closely with warm welcome and smile. ultimately Creating a happily satisfied guest. 

7. Who is the Hospitality manager?

Hospitality manager is a highly qualified person with degree & competencies who looks after the day to day operations and administration of establishments. 

8. Is Hospitality degree worth?

Yes, Hospitality degree is worth. It is a trillion-dollar industry that generates the most employment opportunities and career in the world. It provides extensive career & travel opportunities.

9. Do Hospitality makes Tourism possible?

Yes, because Hospitality is the backbone for Tourism development and tourist flow.

10. Can you work in Hospitality with no degree and experience?

Yes, you can work but it will affect your promotion and career development. You will be promoted late & likely to work in the same position for several years. You won't be the priority during recruitment too

11. How much is the Hospitality Industry affected by covid-19?

There are over seven lakh hotels throughout the world which contributes more than trillions of dollar to the global economy. All hospitality industry is struggling to stay afloat with almost all hospitality Sectors closed as the occupancy rate was less than 20% for hotels while over 70% booking made cancelled for the travel sector.

12. Is it important to work in hospitality with the face mask?

It is very important to work with a face mask for your own safety and guest safety. Prevention is better than cure. 

13. What are the Hospitality safety guidelines against Covid-19?

Deep cleaning the property will be our starting option along with hiring a team of hygiene managers or experts. This will help us in the formulation of special plan, policies, instructions and evaluation for the quick response. Using disinfectant help us to eradicate virus but it should be from reputed, certified brand. Similarly, the public areas should be disinfected at least once an hour or depending upon the use of guests. Hotels should focus on disposable items rather than a luxury items. furniture should be disinfected along with the guest bed bathrooms. The health certificate should be made mandatory during check-in. Disposal gloves, Mask face shield should be made compulsory within the hotel property. Similarly, carpets and curtains should not be used as they are very difficult to disinfect. Safe distancing protocols should be followed. Moreover, room keys, key card, cash, elevator button, ATM lounge should be given special attention with disinfecting each time. Lost and found should be handled with precautions.

14. What Hospitality sectors include?

The hospitality sector is vast and includes -

1. Accommodation sectors - This sectors feature a hotel, motel, suites, resort and other facilities that offer lodging fooding when people travel. 

2. Food and beverage sectors- The food and beverage can range from fast food restaurant to a fine dining restaurant. It can be either quick-service establishment, catering business or full-service restaurant.

3. Travel and Tourism sectors- It includes Travel agency, airlines, cruise ship. The Hospitality Industry cannot grow without Travel and Tourism.

15. What is Harassment in Hospitality?

Harassment is any form of humiliation /offend intentionally or unintentionally. The hospitality industry has a very bad reputation for sexual harassment. More than 80% of people have experienced harassment in their hospitality workplace which is globally the highest. Harassment is never excused and can cost your job. 

16. What will be the biggest trends in Hospitality now?

Some biggest trends will be:-

  • Health consciousness and local food

The travellers will be health-conscious focusing more on fresh, locally grown organic food. They are no longer going to have your imported, frozen food. health and Staying fit will be a primary concern for all travellers now.

  • Artificial intelligence and smart technology 

You have to be up-to-date with technology and should invest more in it. Non-hotel can survive with 80's and 90's technology. You should adopt the change and respect it 

  • Travelling people 

The world is no longer a lonely planet with only a particular segment and particular age people travelling. Young people travel mostly now when compared back to the past. Similarly,  We may see a lot of generation gap so focusing on travelling people will also be very crucial. 

  • Online Booking, Mobile website and Apps

People are no longer going to mail you for reservation. More than 70% reservation is being made through online booking and this ratio is expected to increase by 20% over five years. It's time for you to take your business on the web. You need more mobile-friendly websites and Application. If you don't have one, design it. 

  • Changing pattern of travellers

The hospitality industry is changing and so is the pattern of travellers. If you are only aiming for business travellers then you may be wrong! Family holidays and domestic travellers are very common now and their travelling will increase more in the coming days. 

  • Sustainable Tourism /Eco-Tourism

A new era has arrived and it's time to think about it. Do you know? tourism is responsible for 5% of global greenhouse emissions which will increase further in future. So it's time to go green! Water consumption, energy cost is very high among hotels and so is waste emissions. Sustainable tourism is a must trend. You have to focus in reuse, recycle, elimination of plastic wastes uses of renewable sources of energy.

17. What are the hiring practices by the Hospitality Industry? 

The answer is simple. They will be looking for a few special traits in you. To be specific - Multi-tasking, interpersonal skill, attitude, Multilingual, teamwork, conflict resolution and more importantly, Respect for your job!

18. What is work-life balance in Hospitality?

Human beings require time for both work and other personal aspects of life. Our professional life should not dominate our personal life or else, business life will tear personal life apart. Tearing both career and loved ones. 

19. What are any four nature of Hospitality?

The hospitality industry is perishable, intangible. It has an unstable variable demand and is heterogeneous. 

20. What is the difference between hotel management and Hospitality management?

Both are similar and only have a little difference. Hotel management is mainly focused in the management of the hotel with the study of a few other management subjects, Nutrients, while Hospitality management consists of a little bit of everything; everything a bit from hotel to management subjects. I have seen more focused on management subjects than core departments of the hotel. Hotel management is far good because of the more knowledge one can get during his study period. In Hospitality management, management subjects project reports and assignment will make you suffer.

If you have any doubts, please let me know personally through message. 

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