Is It Really Fun To Work In Hotel with Hotel Management degree

Is It Really Fun to Work In Hotel?

Many People argue working in hotel is always fun. Well, the endless opportunities with over 20 millions of people working in this sector, you are working in diversity- a blend of different culture, religions and background.

The jobs do pay well and you will develop both personality and professionalism. The dynamic environment is also really fun to work into as everyday is a new day. You will be facing a new trivial challenge everyday.

But, are the trivial challenges always fun to work into? Is the enrichment same for all people working in the hospitality? just make sure you don't get stuck in the same position for long. Work for your growth and learn something new continuously, keep taking cross trainings so you can get promoted. Only Once you're in mid or high management positions, life gets much easier with much better salaries and working hours fixed with all weekends and public holidays off.

My feeling for hospitality and hotel Management was different before i joined this sector as I have thought life will be full of vacations- good cuisines, great relaxation, full recreation.... This is what beginner's too think about hotel management. However, the reality is completely different

Well, careers in hotel management opens up plenty of opportunities. It provides endless career opportunities on the other hand as There is no any limit of job. Beside Hotels, one can also work in :

  • Cruise ships
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Airline Catering and cabin Services
  • Club management
  • Catering department in banks, railway , Armed force, Navy, 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer service Executives
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Event Management companies
  • Tour and travels companies
  • Call centre

  • Cinema Hall and shopping centres, Hygiene departments in various multi national company.
We will talk more in next article....

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