How CleanBlock Pens Can Help You In Saving Your Health And Business?

How CleanBlock Pens Can Help You In Saving Your Health And Business?

Might wreckage. Such devastation. Such uncertainty. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the present, shattered futures, and taken lives. In a quick couple of months life as we've known it has been turned upside down along with our economy. It has completely shattered Education, Hospitality and the business sector. 

Education, Hospitality and Business sector are hectic places and have become the most frequent junction points throughout the globe. They are a congested place where millions of people come in contact each day.

The safety protocols on cleanliness and sanitation has further upswing in these sectors with the burden being dumped on staffs as they are made accountable on hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness.

Deep cleaning the property regularly has become starting option along with hiring a team of hygiene managers or experts and using disinfectant/ sprays. Similarly, more priority is also given to disposable items like Disposal gloves, Mask, face shield e.t.c on most of the properties.

A question may arise now are they only enough to prevent any further risk of covid and maintain customer safety all the time? Are we doing our decent for consumer safety by keeping their well-being in mind?

More recently, a more personalised approach to hygiene has been initiated using the premium eco-friendly Cleanblock pens. This pen offers the guarantee of killing germs, virus and Fungi. It also saves both time and labour. unlike other expensive conservative pens, This Cleanblock pen adds a stylish touch to any Hotel lobby, Business offices and Educational institutes which also contributes to enhancing the customer perception of safety Hygiene, thus improves the business.

To sum up, there is frequent use of Pen in any Offices. Disinfectant spray, glove and facemask are not only enough to prevent any risk of virus and germs. To overcome this, cost and eco-friendly Cleanblock pen have been designed which decontaminates and sanitize pens with no effort. You don't have to use disposable pens/ wipes and disinfectant every time. This smart-tech is also efficient as its 1 refill can be used over 1400 times!

Pens come out dry and clean each time so you don't have to wipe the pen after each use. The 70% Ethanol solution in it kills all germs instantly thus, promoting your motto- Healthy customer, Healthy Business!

When talking about price, This United States formulated pen is super cheap. The refill just cost around 7 $. When ordered it cost around 30$ which contain sanitizing solutions and 3 Cleanblock Pen. 

An employee spends half of his/her day in the office accessing the same space, dealing with hundreds of customers possibly, Cleanliness is, therefore, crucial to keep any mess and health hazards away to maximize the overall productivity. A small expenditure on the Cleanblock pen can save you thousands of dollars for the medical bill by promoting your health and well-being. 

Right from the time, it is opened to the moment it is shut, at the end of the day, every moment witnesses an activity or the use of Pen. More activity means more usage of pens, more movements, more hands to touch and so on, which easily result in a mess. In such a given atmosphere, rigorous cleaning is needed which Cleanblock provides.

Therefore, cleanliness in such a place becomes more crucial than others, as half of the day is spent by every working individual. Despite having an in-house janitor, hiring professional office cleaners from time to time owning a Cleanblock pen is a wise choice. It will help prevent, rather than handling the issue after it happens.

Remember, a well sanitized and disinfected work area gives the employee a healthy state of mind and freshness that is important and directly impacts his/her productivity.

Cleanblock green eco-friendly approaches are being increasingly used by offices and referred by every cleaning professionals. They trust this plant-based and detergent-free built up pen which is actually listed by the F.D.A and W.H.O are as safe.

Going green has a wider impact as it contributes to the whole environment. It is necessary because there is already more than enough chemical pollution and contamination that are already invading our daily lives in many other ways. Go Green Go with Cleanblock!!

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