Grooming- Importance And Tips

 Grooming, Importance And Tips

Gone are the days when men were only limited to shaving and hair styling. This is the modern time where every man needs a way to set himself apart from the crowd. With modern culture, thousands of newly launched Personal Grooming kits & cosmetic products  for men every year, A man should be well-aware of his brand and choice for professional looking and presentable appearance. You should know Grooming is more than shaving and hair styling!

As a man, it is very important to take care of oneself in terms of personal hygiene and grooming. Personal grooming best practices are important if you want to look good and be attractive to the opposite sex too.

Personal Grooming is simply the way a man takes care of himself and his body or the act of taking care of one's physical appearance. According to Wikipedia: Personal Grooming, (also called preening) is the art and practice of cleaning and maintaining parts of the body. Thus, Grooming means looking our best.

It is not about the most expensive toiletries, the most high priced clothes or the gold and glitter, it's about a sense of your value; that you matter; that you took time to look good and neither involves putting on a fresh set of clothes every day, nor, looking only good and beautiful for parties and gatherings. It is all about your physical appearance representation, the way you are caring for yourself!

you may wonder why Grooming? Why is it given priority? Because Grooming will make you feel good. If you feel good on the outside, you'll feel good on the inside and If you feel good about yourself, your attitude towards people and your work will be better. It shows how you can take care of yourself. If you can't even take care of yourself, then how can you take care of your work or your business?

Moreover, It can also reveal your social attractiveness, intelligence, social class, education, level self-acceptance, culture, and organization and lack of proper grooming can tell you that a person is:

1. lazy

2. Might be very poor

3. Might be mentally ill

4. Might be abusing alcohol or drugs

5. Might be suffering from a medical problem

6. Might be socially adaptive

7. Might be self-centered with a stubborn personality.

Thus, grooming is the process of being clean, tidy and having a neat appearance which determines individual level of hygiene, cleanliness and a unique aspect of who he is.

Our appearance is the first form of communication that we send to people that we meet. Within the first five seconds, that person who notices you will have already made some general assumptions about your personality based upon how you look.

Grooming generally involves;

  • Washing your hair
  • Taking a daily shower
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth
  • Washing your ears
  • Wearing clean underwear
  • Using an inoffensive-smelling deodorant
  • Plucking stray hairs from your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose
  • Shaving or at least trimming your facial hair
  • Wearing fresh clothing
  • Clipping your nails

Another important part of grooming is your body language. Good posture is very important. Ensure that your legs and arms are not fidgeting. Focus on the tone of your voice. Do not be loud. Maintain eye contact when you talk with somebody and most importantly, have a smiling face. Following are some important tips for Grooming:

  • Check your clothes each day to see if it is damaged, crashed or stained.
  • Keep shoes polished and in good shape or neatly clean
  • There should not be any holes in socks.
  • Fingernails must be kept short. Not bitten and spotlessly clean at all times.
  • Hair must be clean and neat at all times. You should keep your hair above collar length at all times to look more professional.

  • Shave daily. This is compulsory for clear shaved skin.
  • wear a classic watch.
  • Try to maintain personal hygiene all the time. You should care for your breath & body odour.
  • Wear proper clothes and make sure it fits you.
  • Bend your tie properly and blend it with your clothes perfectly.

How to dress well

Personal grooming and dressing well complement each other so they have to be handled simultaneously. First of all, wear clothes that fit you well, not baggy clothing that falls beneath your waist to the point where everyone can see your underwear! Matching your clothes is also key, as is accessorizing to increase the style of your look. For instance matching watches with your clothes really looks nice. So, don't feel greedy to buy 1/2 quality luxurious watch.

How to take care of your skin

First of all, The foods you eat are very important, especially to your skin. You may be surprised to know how much action is going on in your skin cell structure every minute of the day. Making sure you eat foods that are high in antioxidants to prevent ageing or allow you a slower rate of aging and clearer younger looking skin. The way you eat has a lot to do with the normal functioning of skin cells.

Secondly, Drinking plenty of water is important aspect of your appearance. Maintaining healthy levels of cell hydration is necessary for you to not only look good, but to also feel energized and happy. If the cells in your body are struggling because of dehydration then it's clear that they are not going to be able to produce enough energy for your body to function normally. Take care to drink water every day to ensure complete cell hydration.

Thirdly, Rest is another essential requirement for you to both look and feel good. Getting enough sleep in today's society can be a challenging aspect of male grooming. Making certain you get into bed every evening around the same time can do wonders for your health. Your body will use the down time to make repairs and get ready for the next day. Without enough sleep, your system spends the time during the day grinding to a halt due to simply being overworked and tired. Avoiding fatigue should start with a good night's sleep every night.

Fourthly, Exercising regularly is another way you can promote good skin. Keeping tone and fit can also allow you to look like you want as well. Working out on a regular schedule has many benefits related to how you look and feel along with your mental health.

Also, Monitoring the amount of stress in your life is the key to your good health and good skin 

How To Create Yourself?

Clothing: Your clothing has to reflect who you are in the world. Of course, it's important to maintain different wardrobes for different occasions. You need to formulate specific dress codes for each situation. For example, work necessitates a certain style that is confident yet professional. Going out to bars and clubs requires a dress that has more style and demonstrates to the world that you have a sense of style that is unique.

Even more important than your choice of clothing is the way you wear it. Even if you're wearing expensive, designer clothes, you'll immediately be discounted if there are obvious stains or not ironed.

Your Scent: This is generally under appreciated and underrated, in terms of creating the unique you. In time, those close to you will begin to automatically associate your signature scent with the new, powerful you. I advice you to go with musk deodorant and sprays. 

Attitude: This is probably the most crucial part of developing your personal style. You can't run around acting silly all the time. That kind of behaviour would completely undermine the strides you've taken in other areas such as clothing. You need to always maintain a refined attitude, making sure never to show anger or fear in public. You'll be surprised by how quickly people begin to take you seriously if you do the same. No one will appreciate the "new you" if you don't have that high opinion of yourself.

Combine all of these standards, and you'll have the recipe for success. Transformation probably won't take place overnight, but if you maintain a constant vigil, you'll look into the mirror someday soon and find yourself shocked at the sight of the new, better you.

(Note: Investing on some quality deodorant, body sprays, perfume, shower gel, hair cream, shaving cream, after shave, talcum powder, underwear, watch, shoes, socks, belt, soap, few clothes, shampoo and moisturizer will never make you feel regret, you will see change in yourself and your attitude. Initiate the change from today!!)

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