Why No One Talks About Future of Chef And The Food And Beverage Occupations Anymore?

 Why No One Talks About Future of Chef And The Food And Beverage Occupations Anymore?

Several changes have occurred in the occupation of Food and Beverage sectors after the outbreak of covid. The food and beverage industry is estimated to lose more than 200 billion dollars by the end of 2020. 

We have witnessed a large employment cut in this sector due to lockdown, travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. Will covid-19 rule the hospitality industry?

Economic contraction will be seen in this sector until the development of medicine and vaccine. Similarly, job opportunity and working condition will also deteriorate due to job cut-off. Thus, the year 2020 we can mark as loss year/missing year for food and beverages industry.

This industry is very diverse which is employing millions of Dishwasher, chef, kitchen helper, bakers, butchers, line cooks, waiting for staff, captain, supervisors and managers e.t.c. worldwide, providing, job from unskilled to highly skilled manpower.

No one is talking about the future of the food and beverage department now. It seems everyone has a loss of motivation. Though recovery takes time, it doesn't mean it is impossible to recover. Many operations are still operating with the hope of early recovery. 

Social distancing, gloves, mask are necessarily mean in the kitchen now. The robots cannot replace kitchen staff as cooking is a taste of hand. Food safety and strict controls on it is very necessary with a focus on locally grown, organic, immunity-boosters food. Safety, hygiene and cleaning practices after covid-19

Moreover, the restaurants are also operating under strict safety protocols with the social distancing of 1.5m between tables and 60 cm between chairs. The furniture is sanitized after each customer. Even, the cruet sets, menu and napkin set used are disposable. Most restaurants have closed open buffet service, converting, it to A' la carte menu. 

After, the pandemic the importance of cooking occupation will increase further with only determined, a hard-working and dedicated employee staying and reluctant staff leaving. 

Special effort is being made by the Food and beverage industry to meet with changing expectation of customers but people especially the reluctant are being pessimistic with the job. There is the least chance of exposure to the virus through strict safety protocols. work-life balance importance in the hospitality industry

Discipline, leadership, communication, Multitasking, punctuality and creativity skills learnt from this industry can also be used in daily life. This industry is also going to witness a significant change in consumer behaviour, improved strict food safety regulations.

New age consumer will bring more digital revolution in the food and beverage industry. We may even see the scan menu and cashless payment. Robots may replace a service hireling. Trending of eating at home with delivery services will increase further.

The artisans are going to have a tough time but, at the same time, it can be also be converted into opportunities. This chore will expand & take the food and beverage enterprise to the future or the next level of development. Just embrace the transition and follow trends. Future trends in the hospitality industry Because the only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself. 

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