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Side Station / Dumb waiter / Side Board
Restaurant Furniture
Attributes For Good Food and Beverage Service Personnel
Cutlery , Crockery and Holloware
Basic Dining Etiquette for Food and Beverage service Personnel
Undesirable and Negative Attitude of Waiter
Hospitality Knowledge , Skills and Attitude for Food and Beverage service staff
The Sequence of service
Outlets of Food and Beverage Department In a Hotel
Food and beverage service department | Outlets of food and beverage
Layout and Section of Front Office
Coordinating Department of Front Office
Sundry Services Provided by Hotels
Registration Methods | Systems of Registration
Registration | Importance | Process
Organization Chart Of Front Office Department
Visitor Tabular Ledger(VTL) and Hints for writing up Visitor Tabular Ledger
Visitor's Tabular Ledger (VTL) | Importance | City ledger
Etiquettes on Telephone
Hotel Safety and Security
Guest Relation Executive
Setting Envelope For letters
Letter For Cancellation of Reservation
Writing Letter for confirmation of Reservation
Writing Letter For Reservation
Allowance and Discount
Modes of Payment in Hotel
The Guest Cycle